Private sessions allow for a completely individualized and customized yoga practice. Judi will speak with you in advance of your session to discuss the details of any injury or physical condition you might have, and to understand your prior experience with yoga. She will then work with you to formulate personal goals for your one-on-one yoga practice. Goals of each student will vary but can include: using yoga as "therapy" to heal from injuries and/or improve chronic pain, learning how to modify poses to accommodate physical limitations, creating a sequence for a home practice or tackling a pose that you are struggling with.  Judi also works one-on-one with beginning students to introduce the foundation of the practice and to build confidence so that attending a group class is a successful experience.

Private sessions can be arranged either in your home or at Breathe Pilates and Yoga in Chappaqua, NY.

Contact Judi for more information or to schedule a session.